About Coffee Maker

Coffee beans

To choose yourself the flavors of the coffee, compose new flavors to suit your desires, stroll in the roaster … If these simple evocations make you dream, coffee makers with a grinder is for you! Easy to use, just supply the water tank and house your grain mix. You can vary the fineness of the grind for a coffee more or less intense. Then, pressing the start button and everything is done automatically, you just have to enjoy!

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Don’t want to grind coffee beans? Choose a model with ground coffee. Pressure, temperature, discharge milling system for absolute cleanliness, all the conditions are right for your coffee to your liking…

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Once programmed, this feature facilitates the use of your coffee maker. Simply activate the button to release the hot water pass through the filter. Flow stops automatically when the selected amount is reached. Whatever type of coffee makers selected, you will appreciate this feature. No longer need to monitor the preparation!

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The filtration system removes chlorine water, limestone and other heavy causing bad taste metals. A coffee maker made with filtered water and regains its flavor! Another benefit you avoid calcium deposits in the machine. So do not hesitate to use water as you cleanse your filter jug. Better, some coffee makers have built-in filter cartridge! When we want to equip with coffee, it is possible to opt for the Italian coffee maker, a coffee plunger, a coffee filter or espresso machine. The latter provides a rich coffee aroma.

What is espresso?

An espresso machine is a coffee maker that works with a high vapor pressure exerted on coffee for a few seconds; it is the principle of the percolator. In this way, the coffee obtained the distinction of being dense and rich in flavor. Depending on the model, we can make one or more cups of coffee at the same time.

Different types of espresso machines are distinguished as:

  • Coffee pod;
  • Coffee grain.

Good to know: some machines are fully automatic as coffee pod while others are semi-automatic. In the latter case, getting coffee requires more handling and slower.

Choose Espresso Machine

To choose the espresso machine, it should be taken into account:

  • Pressure: for an espresso machine, a minimum pressure of 15 bars is recommended to get a good rich coffee aroma and tight as in cafes;
  • Capsules or pods: there is no need to adjust the amount of coffee and users are sure to get a good coffee, however the price is higher capsules or pods for a classic coffee and may be more difficult to find;
  • Ground coffee or beans: users can get a good quality coffee at a lower price and an authentic taste; however this type of coffee is less practical;

Options are available: according to your needs, some options may be more or less useful:

  1. Cup warmer;
  2. Automatic dosing of ground coffee or grain;
  3. Programmable coffee maker;
  4. Insulated coffee;
  5. Combined coffee;
  6. Descaling coffee machine, etc…
  7. Automatic or semi-automatic, automatic coffee maker automatically manages obtaining a short or long coffee, then coffee with a manual you can choose yourself.

Price of an espresso machine, the price of an espresso machine is $50 to $2,500 and is defined by:

  • The type of espresso machine;
  • The brand;
  • Design and finishing;
  • Options:
  • The automatic system or not